We already shared students’ memories of their first year at York. Now, PhysSoc has asked some of the department’s most beloved lecturers to share some thoughts from their perspective.

Prof. Sarah Thompson — Head of Department

Welcome to our new students! The ‘big day’ is nearly here – at last – and you will soon be experiencing the excitement of your first few days at university! The staff are also looking forward to experiencing the buzz of activity and new faces that accompanies the start of a new academic year – it’s far too quiet without you here…

So what can you expect in the first few weeks? It will be a whirlwind – of meeting people – College mates, STYCS, your fellow physics students (proud-to-be-geek-land!), physics staff – and many more besides. One of the most important people you will meet will be your personal academic supervisor. S/he will be with you throughout your time as a student and is usually on the other end of the “if in doubt, ask” type of questions. Very soon, sooner than you might think, it will all settle down – you will be immersed in lectures, attending your tutorials with your group of friends and have learnt all the foibles of your lab partner. You will be an old hand before you know it!

We’re looking forward to sharing physics with you and I encourage you to get stuck in, join Physsoc and Astrosoc and enjoy your time with us!


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