I’ve done freshers’ week twice now and enjoyed it just as much both times round. My favourite part is meeting new people of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds — oh, and I love drinking too! However, my desire to remember freshers’ week outweighed my desire to get wasted, so I came up with a few simple survival strategies.

1. Eat food

If you’re not a massive drinker but still want to have an amazing time in freshers week, my number one top tip is to make sure you eat a big meal before going out to soak up the alcohol!

2. Stay hydrated

A glass of water stands on a wooden table

There’s also no shame in alternating alcohol with soft drinks, or even not drinking at all! I wouldn’t have survived without a pint of water before bed every night.

3. Rest up

A man sleeps on a sun lounger with a hat over his face

Freshers’ week is one of the craziest weeks of the year and if you choose to go out every night, you’ll need to catch up on your sleep before term starts for real.

4. Bond with your new flatmates

Most of you will have never met before and you’ll be living together all year, so you might as well get off to a good start.

5. Get involved!

Try to take (or be in) as many pictures as possible; even if you have holes in your memory, you’ll always have the photographic evidence (whether it be good or bad!). If it’s a fancy dress night, go all out. If it’s a scavenger hunt around campus or town, learn your new surroundings. If there’s something you are interested in, go try it out.

But most of all, just relax, be yourself and enjoy it!

Main image by Wjh31  [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons