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Hello everyone! PhysSoc is still here and this year is going to be bigger and better than ever! We really can't encourage you enough to get involved.

Our social secs have been running themselves ragged to make sure there's a long list of fun socials and events to get involved in, and our fortnightly lecture series (on alternating weeks with MathsSoc) has a great line up of speakers!

And that's not all! We'll also keep you up to date with events in & around York, volunteering opportunities within the department, and anything else Physics related that we think you might be interested in!

Past Event

We don't have any plans finalised yet for upcoming events, but here's an example of something we did in the past.

The Apple that Fell Through the Earth —
Prof Rex Godby

Tuesday 19 April 2016, 19:00 • P/L/002

Quantum mechanics has replaced Newton's classical mechanics as the true picture of how matter moves and interacts. In quantum mechanics, objects do not have definite positions or definite speeds, but are “fuzzy” in the sense that different results can be obtained when a measurement is made. We have to discard our familiar notions of matter being composed of “particles”, and instead replace the particles with “wave functions” that are more akin to sound waves or light waves than to point particles. Among the strangest of wave phenomena in quantum mechanics is “tunnelling” of matter through a barrier, something that is absolutely impossible in classical mechanics. I shall explain how tunnelling arises from the concept of a wave, and how quantum tunnelling of matter is exploited in ultra-powerful microscopes, and offers the prospect of future ultra-high-density computer-chip technologies.

This talk is open to all and no prior knowledge of the subject is required, only an interest in the topic.


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